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Jewelry Business In China

jewelry business in china
Question: Business on Rhinestone Jewelry?

We r a manufacturer of rhinestone jewelry in China, and we want to extend our business in United States, do you have any ideas?

Answer: Yeah, don't flood places like Yahoo Answers with spam advertising. And don't copy other designer's work. What is it with Chinese factories and this whole replica crap and copying things that you have no right to copy. Is it some ingrained cultural failure? The failure of creativity and imagination? How about some original ideas that aren't copies of someone else? You want to make inroads to the US then stop

I challenge you, as a manufacturer- directly. What's with this utter failure of creativity in Chinese fashion/ accessory manufacturing? Why this insistence on replicas and counterfeits and cheap quality fakes that look only superficially like the real thing? Why do you not produce anything original? Why do you steal other's brand names? Why don't you come up with your own unique brands, styles, and items? Why is there this complete and utter failure of originality, imagination and progressive thinking at all levels of Chinese Manufacturing? If you want your country to be taken seriously as a world commerce hub then stop ripping off other people brand names, stop making poor quality crap and stop breaking international counterfeit laws. And stop dumping your spammy advertising crap anywhere and everywhere on the internet.

And don't spam Yahoo answers. It's is against the Yahoo rules and the terms of service that you agree to when you join the community. And don't post the old "we are high quality manufacture of rhinestone etc" on other message board and in the comment section of people's blogs. Your utter disregard for the rules of this site and others does not reflect well on your business ethics. It makes people ask "what OTHER rules are they breaking if they are always breaking the Yahoo and other web communities rules?" All the Chinese sites are quite low on ethics and moral standards, obviously -otherwise you wouldn't produce counterfeits and you would keep crapping spam everywhere.

And for heaven's sake LEARN PROPER ENGLISH! If you want to expand into the English speaking market hire someone fluent in English. Do you have any idea how foolish your site looks when you use "chingrish?" When you use meaningless phrases with incorrect structure, words that don't exist and phrasing that is not used in the English language. That does not inspire anyone to do business with you. There are websites that make fun of bad Chines translations on sighs and in websites, people laugh at sites with that type of bad chingrish.

I'm done venting. If you want to extend business, don't do it with spam, poor websites with awful translations, and stay away from copying other people work.

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